How to add base and power to your document in Microsoft word

So here comes a quickie on how to quickly add a number base and number power to your document on Microsoft word.

So to add base to a number or word while typing your documents on word (example – 210) and also to add anything raise to power any number on word (Example – 52). There is no miracle involved. To add base to your document, see below pictures. It can be found at the top left corner of your new document in Microsoft word homepage.

Base microsoft word

Just highlight the word or number you want to turn to a base and click the exact highlighted symbol on your Microsoft word homepage or you click that first and write the number or word you want to turn to a base. It is as simple as that. Same thing apply to turning a number to raise to power see below image.

Raise to power

I hope you get that? If there is still any confusion, feel free to ask me.

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