How to design a basic and simple business card with Photoshop

business card 1



Here is an example of the business card we’d be learning to make today using Adobe Photoshop (any type of Photoshop). First you can see its basic and simple, it only consists of few shapes and words. Now the first step.

Step 1

First create a new document on your Photoshop by pressing Ctrl+N and insert the details as seen below. Here we would be using the professional print out size of all business card.


As you can see, I am using 85mm by 55mm, make sure your resolution is set to 300 pixels per inch, and your Colour Mode is CMYK. Click OK, and you’re ready to go.

Step 2

Add bleed.

To add bleed into your document, make sure the Rulers are visible at the edges of the document to do this just press Ctrl+R to show/hide them, switch to the Move tool (m) and drag line guides to the edges of the document. They should snap in place. If they don’t snap, click View > Snap.

Note:- Wherever we’ve mentioned shortcuts using the Ctrl key on Windows, use Cmd instead if you’re on a Mac


Now you can click on Image > Canvas Size. i strongly recommend and encourage 3mm of bleed. To do this, you’ll need to add the bleed width to the existing dimensions of the document. In this case, I am using 3mm of bleed on each edge, so I am adding 6mm to both the width and height. This has to be calculated manually – in our case, the dimensions will change to 91mm (85+6) and 61mm (55+6). Once you’ve entered your new values, click OK.


And below is the result after adding the bleed, your new document would be expand on all sides and look like below


Step 3

Now after your paper has been cut to size, it is to start with your designs. So like I said earlier, this is a basic and simple design. So all I dii was using the Shape Tool  I drew this rectangle using the Rectangle Tool under the shape tool and was filled with #ca8b2a and press Ctrl+T, for free transform and below is the result of the transformation.

business card basic shape 1

You can transform it to your desired style, you don’t have to make it look like mine after all. And then now you can drag it to your desired corner of your background but below is where I dragged it to while creating mine.

business card 1 shape dragged

So that’s the edge I dragged the shape to.

Step 4

So after dragging my shape to that edge, now we have to duplicate the layer and this was achieved by clicking Layers > Duplicate layer. So after duplicating, both shapes would be placed on each other , so first we have to move the duplicated copy of the shape to the centre or anywhere you deem fit where you can be able to see the shape clearly anyway. So after this press Ctrl+T to transform the new duplicated layer and changed it to the direct opposite of the first shape like below.

business card 1 shape duplicate

So that’s how it should look like now. After this, what’s next?

Step 5

Now create a new rectangle shape same way we did above and fill with #523a17, resize it to desired size by transforming it with free transform (Ctrl+T) then move using the Move Tool (Ctrl+M) to its position as below

business card new shape

As we did above duplicating the first big shape, we apply the same technique and duplicate this new shape and transform it too to turn to the opposite of this very first shape with each edge touching (meeting) each other as can be seen below.

business card 1

Step 6

Remember I said this is basic and simple, is it not after all, now we have the designed shapes in place, and that’s all we need for this type of basic and simple business card. Now the business logo shouldn’t be missed, it should be cut out and placed on somewhere nice where you think it would best fits. See my suggestion below.

business card 1 logo text

The font used for this logo is lucida handwriting and filled with #545556, you can use whatever fonts and color you so wish and deem fit like I said earlier and my other texts were filled it #323032 and written with Pmingliu-ExtB font. And below is the final result of our basic and simple business card.

business card 1

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