How to prepare dodo and gizzard (Gizdodo Recipe)


Gizdodo also known as dodo and gizzard is a delicious Nigerian meal which is prepared mainly with fried plantain (ripe) and spiced gizzard and of course both mixed with sauce. I promise never to take much of your time on this tutorial. Let’s get to it already.
What you need
Chicken Gizzards
Ripe Plantain
Red bell pepper – popularly known as Tatashe
Green pepper
Habanero pepper/ scroth bonnet known as ata rodo here in Nigeria
Curry powder
Dried thyme
Vegetable oil
How to
Step 1
You need to boil the gizzard first and don’t forget to add some seasoning like chopped onions, magi and little salt to the boiling water. Leave it to soften to some extent but not too much. Just like a bit soften.

Step 2
While the gizzard boils, you should dice the plantain into cubes, salt it and fry it make sure you let the plantain clamps together by leaving it inside the oil, that is let it relaxed inside the frying oil and reduce or turn off your cooker. Waste not the vegetable oil after frying it so you can still use it to fry the boiled gizzards.

Step 3
Chop the onions, blend the Habanero pepper (Ata rodo), Red bell pepper ( tatashe), green pepper (be careful of how many you’d add or else it will add some bitterness to your sauce) and boil till the water content has evaporated.
Step 4
Now take out some of the oil used to fry the chicken gizzard and plantain, pour into your saucepan and add the curry powder, dried thyme and fry for like a minute add some chopped onions (and any other spicy you would love to add like tomatoes and all) and wait till they wilt and soften and then add the boiled blended pepper mix. Stir and allow it to fry, till it thickens and you think it has absorb some oil.
Step 5
Now add the fried gizzards and make sure to lower the heat from your cooker this is for your gizzard to soften and absorb the mixed flavors of the pan.
Step 6
Once the gizzard stew has stickened, add your fried plantain (dodo). Leave it till the dodo clamps together with the gizzards. Stir and allow them all to become blended together till you can’t differentiate the dodo from the gizzards in the mixture.
And that’s it. Please don’t forget to waybill some to me please after preparation. Don’t eat alone, share with someone. Enjoy

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