How to shoot a very good catchy standard music video


“A very good strategy to video making is to make 3 completely different videos and mix clips from each to make 1” – Unknown
You want to make it like the pros? Like my popular saying, ‘There is no reality involved’. So this tutorial will teach you how to shoot a standard music video. And you really need to know first that there are 3 stages to making a video (I mean all videos, ranging from movies, events and others) and all stages are discussed broadly below.
Stage 1
Pre Production
This step includes the ideas. The thought and imagination within you that you are aiming to show to the world. So here our discussion is limited to making good and catchy music video so let’s see everything related to Pre Production.
1. Developing the concept
Like I said earlier that Pre Production itself is the ideas and concepts within you. Thus you have to develop them and this basically involves getting a sense of your budget and Keeping a notebook to sketch out all your thoughts and imaginations. So the below steps are all that are involved in developing your concepts.
i. Access the music first before any plan – listen to the misc first before you should think of anything at all.
ii. Talk to Band or Artist – this entails you asking the artist (that is (are) paying you to shoot a music video for them) for ideas, like asking them what they think they want, how and what they would love to see in their video. So this is all basically asking band how they want their video to look like.
iii. Refine ideas – this basically means you should brainstorm ideas.
iv. After all steps above, by now you should have the idea already of how and what you want the video to look like and once you’ve done that it means there must be locations within the scenes you’ve thought about. So you have to start scouting for this location.
v. And lastly, create a storyboard, since every thought and imaginations within you needed to be seen by the entire world then it’s about time to put it out yourself and see what it really looks like by yourself first before the other world sees them. So this will help you to correct errors and sorts. So it is basically shot-by-shot sketches of your ideas.

2. Staff your shoots
Since your ideas are now being sketched down, you are about to show it to the world that it means, it’s no more imagination but it is about to become a reality. So now you have developed your concepts and that should have stretched out to you everything and everyone you should be needing. So is time to find them, you either have their contacts before all you just need to meet them. So all I am basically trying to explain here is that it is time to find your crew. You know what a crew means, right, don’t you? Ok for the sake of those people that are like so new in this line. You alone, the owner of this concepts and ideas is either a director or probably could handle the camera too, but there is no way you would be behind the sound, or also be the one to dress up this artistes like giving them wears and sorts or probably making them up too by that I mean facial make up. So you need to find professional in all these lines too if you are aiming to make your video a professional one. And don’t forget to also find the right acting talent.
Stage 2
So you have been going up and down making arrangements for this day and you have talked to the entire crew and the artist (bands) and you have all agreed to shoot a scene on so so date. So here is the D-Day. So below are few tips for this stage. But you should know that the production stage is where you would hear these words ‘Lights, Camera, Action’.

Pick a scene to shoot and set the stage for it
Set the camera – camera could be handheld for more dynamic shots or placed on tripod for static scenes.
Get your acting talents (actors) in place this is if need be for one.
Cue up the music like the music you are shooting a video for should be in place. For repetition.
Get lights in place
The camera – a quick guide to having a great result is make sure a camera is not facing the sun directly if you are shooting outdoor or facing another camera. The sun can damage the internal image capturing hardware. And I am really sure you don’t want to know what it looks like for all efforts being futile. So the videographer presses record and start shooting.
You call for the ‘Action’ when you think everything is in place and are ready.
Stage 3
Post Production
This is the last stage, you have shoot your ideas into motion picture and now it is about time to add some great effects to it and edit them by removing some unnecessary parts from your shots and leaving only the wanted ones while turning it all to one for the entire world to see and marvel. This stage involves, Editing and nothing more, you edit and lay some finishing on the video. This stage can never be achieved without some known professional editing software such as Sony Vegas, Imovie, Adobe premiere pro, final cut pro, deluxe avid suite.


Make sure to use nothing but the best of the software and only the one you are so much familiar with to avoid unnecessary confusions and sorts. After all the long cutting and pasting and you seems satisfied with what you have achieved then lay the music track over the footage. And don’t forget to add little title and credits you really don’t want the world to start asking who direct this music videos? Who is this artiste? Always make sure the fonts used for this title and credits are well blended with the video and placed at the right place.
So that’s all. Making a very good and catchy music video is as simple as ABC, right? Actually NO, it’s never that simple because of all the stress and all but YES it is that simple in getting it done.

All pictures downloaded from Google.

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