How to prepare delicious banana porridge


Banana porridge is a delicious Nigerian food, prepared mainly with Ripe plantain , palm oil and red pepper but it’s best in the present of crayfish, fresh fish (Boiled or fried), , spices and so on. Let’s take a look at it


Ripe plantain

palm oil

cray fish

cow liver

fresh fish

red pepper





Steps to take

Step 1

Boil the banana

After putting the pot on fire, add  water enough to boil the banana inside the pot, then slice the banana  inside, cover it and allow it to boil for 5 minutes before moving to step 2

Banana watere

Step 2

Add palm oil, Red pepper, spices, onions, salt to the boiled banana


While waiting for the banana to boil for 5 minute, use the middium to blend the pepper, chop the onions. Add the palm oil first, then the pepper, follow by the onions, including the spices(curry, maggi etc.) and don’t forget to put salt (it’s important).

Step 3

While waiting for the palm oil, pepper, onions and spices to cooked together, wash the fresh fish, the cow liver and the cray fish, boil them together (Note: boil them together in another pot, on another cooker, put little salt, maggi and onions to boil them). You can add them boiled in step 4 or you can still go ahead and fry them together before adding in step 4

Step 4

Add the boiled or fried cray fish, cow liver, fresh fish


Once the palm oil, pepper, spices and onions are cooked together, add  the cray fish, cow liver and fresh fish (already boiled or fried together) to the banana porridge on fire, cover it and allow everything to cooked together for at least 5 minutes.

Step 5

Using of turning stick

This is where turning stick is needed, after everything have cooked together for at least 5 minutes, use the turning to stick to mixed/stir them together, allow them to blend together.

If you discovered the water there is too much, reduce the heat temperature (by minimizing the heat from your cooker) and allow it to cooked for more minutes until the water have evaporated to your heart desire.

Step 6

This is the concluding part, once you are satisfied with the tickness of the delicious meal, off the cooker and serve the  meal (delicious banana porridge).

Best serve with chilled orrange juice and chilled water. Don’t eat alone, share with friends. Enjoy!

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