How to travel safely with a night bus (safety tips)


Taking an overnight bus while traveling is often a great option. Not only would you cover a lot of ground without losing time, but you can also save money on a flight or hotel. The journey itself however can be challenging especially your first time.

These tips were carefully compiled from many with experience of night bus traveling and this hopefully will make your experience easier and safer. Sometimes it’s worth it to take the more expensive bus.


Splurge on the first class



Think long and hard before buying a ticket for the cheaper or cheapest overnight bus. Does it look safe and decently maintained? Can you imagine being in one of the seats all night? will there be two drivers, taking turns or just one for the entire night?

Make sure to know about the safety of the route

check local travel directories and be sure to ask around about the route before making any decision. Ask for information about the route your bus would be plying, surely someone must have use the very same route once or twice, make sure to find someone that will explain the route and give you expectations. Be sure the route is free from robbers, accidents and any form of unforeseen circumstance.

Choose your seat carefully


There are several things to consider while choosing where you’d sit in the bus. Actually it is widely believed that the middle of a bus is the safest place. An according to travel experts, the middle is generally safer. If an accident occurred, the chance of serious injury would be minimized since most accidents involve head-on collisions or rear ending. And also you have to also put in consideration whether you’d love to sit beside a man or a woman and if you are the type that would always need someone to talk to while on board.

Pack an energy drink (To avoid needing to use the bathroom)

Buy a Gatorade or another beverage that replenishes electrolytes. Or pack small packets of powder drinks to make your own. This will hopefully keep your thirst quenched and your bladder empty. Which means you won’t have to use the bathroom as often. That’s a good thing since there may be or may not be one (if there is, it’ll probably be unpleasant) on the bus and those at rest stops may be atrocious. And before boarding like 10 minutes before boarding, make sure to clean your bowels, use the toilet (restroom) and take your time. Make sure both your bowel and bladder is well cleared. And make sure not to eat anything you know doesn’t add (go) well with your body system on the day you’d be travelling, no bus would wait for you at the middle of the night to enter the bush or anywhere because you are having issues with your stomach. So take heed.

Pack as if you are flying

you’ll probably have to stow your larger bag underneath the bus (if there’s no room for it above you). If so, then make sure your daypack has what you need (like your medication, your snacks and others). Just pack it as if you are going to be on a plane.

Bring your own snacks (BYOS)

Don’t go hungry, snacks and food might probably be served on your boarded bus but who knows before it comes you’d have been so hungry and you just need to take something, so before they start serving, you could have served yourself and at the latter theirs would be a plus. But make sure not to eat much more than your stomach can save. And according to tip 5 make sure you are with any drug that can easily help you digest foods whenever you are over filled.

When it’s time to sleep use earplugs and eye mask


make it easy for yourself to sleep by blocking out lights with your eye mask. And earplug will help you to drown out the noise, so just tuck in the ear earplugs and put on the eye mask to cover your face and there you are, good sleep is just a minute away.

Hide your money/other valuables in more than one place


this is incase of robbery attack, at least you can take up the bags that has little of your valuables and show them, and if they make away with that, you can still be rest assure you are not going to be so tat stranded, you still have a secret somewhere. So always make sure to keep your money and valuables in just more than one place.

Use noise cancelling headphones and find a way to entertain yourself


you can surely travel with a good camera and snap the entire moments or you can just go with your phone, plug in your headphone and watch movies on your phone (tab or whatever is it you are holding). This is to avoid boredom. And you should make sure to use a noise cancelling headphone because of all unpleasant noises around you or which you’d surely encounter on your way.

Take meds with you

who knows what might just happen, it might not even be you, one of the people you sit with in the bus might just need help and it happens that your meds came in handy.

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