How to make soft yummy banana ice cream (banana ice cream recipe)

banana ice cream.jpg

Ice cream is a frozen dessert which is sometimes categories in the food groups (Fruit). Banana ice cream is a special one that most kids really love because of its yummy taste and its nutrient….. Try it and see what am saying. Banana ice cream is often make with banana, milk and others daily product. the following are the things you need and the process to take in making soft yummy banana ice cream

Things  needed are;

Ripe Banana (the main fruit)

Fruit blender (for blending the fruit)

Refrigerator (For freezing the cream)

Daily products needed in making banana ice cream are;




After getting all of the above things ready, you can now go ahead and start making your soft yummy banana ice cream. Let check it out. (Note: Please don’t miss any step)

Step 1

Blend the fruit


Set your fruit blender and slice the banana inside the fruit blender just like the picture  above, cover it and blend continuously until its smooth, approximately 4 to 5 minutes. After blending it, it will look just like the picture below.


Step 2

Depending on the volume of the banana you blended will determine the size of the bowl or cup to be use in this step. In this step pour the blended banana inside the cup. using the size of the cup in the picture below as an illustration.


Get your milk, butter and sugar ready, so you can add them in next step (Note: pour gently to avoid spliting on the table)

Step 3

Add the daily product (Milk, butter and sugar)

Add the milk (Any type: chocolate milk, whole milk, skim milk etc), follow by the butter and sugar. mix everything together, make sure its all dissolve together before moving to the next step, especially the butter.

By now the ceam is already ready, we now only need it to be ice, that is where refrigerator is needed to make it freeze/Ice.

Step 4

The use of refrigerator for freezing/Icing

For the last step, place the cup of soft yummy banana cream inside the refrigerator to make it ice. leave it inside for at least one hour (1hr) (Note: make sure the refrigerator is on and plug).

………………………………………………After one hour (1hr)

Its ready, now go on and have a taste ……  it’s soft isn’t it? and  yummy at the same time right?….. i know…… you can see the kids will love it……….. you see its not bad right …… Share!



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