Encyclohow is derived from two words which are both stressed out below.
encyclopedia n. (also -paedia) book, often in a number of volumes, giving information on many subjects, or on many aspects of one subject. [Greek egkuklios all-round, paideia education]
encyclopedic adj. (also -paedic) (of knowledge or information) comprehensive.

how —interrog. adv. 1 by what means, in what way (how do you do it?; tell me how you do it; how could you?). 2 in what condition, esp. of health (how are you?; how do things stand?). 3 a to what extent (how far is it?; how would you like to take my place?; how we laughed!). b to what extent good or well, what … like (how was the film?; how did they play?). —rel. adv. in whatever way, as (do it how you can). —conj. colloq. that (told us how he’d been in India).  how about colloq. would you like (how about a quick swim?). how do you do? a formal greeting. how many what number. how much 1 what amount. 2 what price. how’s that? 1 what is your opinion or explanation of that? 2 Cricket (said to an umpire) is the batsman out or not? [Old English]

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