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Electronic Ad Submission

• Complete the contact form below to contact us for more information on how to make your ads visible to the world.

Disk Formats

•We accept CD disc format.


• Quark Xpress (versions 5.0 & 6.0)
• Photoshop (version 7.0)
• Multi-Ad Creator Professional 7.0
• Illustrator (version 10)

File Format Information

• PDF files are preferred, with all fonts embedded in the file
• Files should be “stuffed” or “zipped” for placing on e-mail or FTP sites
• Artwork should be in JPEG, TIFF or EPS formats
• Please be sure to check the manner in which color ads are saved. All 4 color artwork must be saved as CMYK (never RGB).
• All files need to be in a Mac format. If in PC format they need to be the same version of the program to cross platform to a Mac
• Include all fonts with the file. (PC fonts do not work with our MAC system, we may have to select similar fonts — to avoid this problem, PDF the file with all fonts embedded.)
• Include all photos or artwork (not necessary with PDF files).
• Any text files should be in a plain text or ASCII text format.
•Files are printed at 100 line.



 Advertising rate card

Advert Size Cost per issue
Small 9cm wide x 5cm deep USD 13
Large 19cm wide x 5cm deep USD 25

10% discount for a run of 5 adverts